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Author Cindy Ross is an adventurer, a long-distance backpacker and cyclist. 

Cindy has completed the Triple Crown of hiking- the National Scenic Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Divide. She has authored seven books on adventuring in the outdoors, including her latest The World is Our Classroom- How one family used nature & travel to shape an extraordinary educationSkyhorse Publishing, NYC. Cindy has also written over 1,000 magazine and newspaper stories focusing on outdoor adventures and travel, many as a family.

Cindy is working to spread the word on the important role the natural world plays in educating our children and how to get them outdoors. She shares her expertise gleaned from 25 years of mothering as a writer, an outdoor adventurer and a home-school facilitator, through presentations and workshops. She can also relay the nuts and bolts information on how to help starting parents get their families outdoors but also reach higher goals of outdoor adventuring and take a more active part in the education of their children. 


Cindy had her formal education in Fine Arts Painting, attending the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. She illustrated four of her books. She lives with her husband, Todd in a log home they built themselves from raw trees, and raised two grown children- son, Bryce and daughter, Sierra. They grow much of their own food on their rural property.

Cindy is the Director of the 501c3 non-profit, River House PA, where she helps Veterans heal by taking them into nature. She is working on a book entitled, WARPATH- Seeking Peace on America's Trails, the Healing Journeys of 20 Veterans. The book is about Veterans who have used our country's national scenic foot paths and water trails to heal from the trauma of war.

You can find more of her stories at Cindy Ross Traveler